The DiMauro Group

The DiMauro Group is a leading private investment organisation, which specialises in the ownership, management and development of retail properties throughout Australia, with more than $1 Billion dollars of significant commercial property assets in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and New Zealand.

The group is proactively seeking the acquisition of further assets both locally, nationally and overseas. The currently established portfolio is a combination of retail and office style commercial property assets. 

The DiMauro Group has a recognised and successful track record of maximising the performance of its properties, and therefore achieving high returns on its developments and investments.

The group possesses wide-ranging experience in managing associated enterprises directly related to its commercial assets, namely property management, cleaning, security services and maintenance services.

The DiMauro Group is a hands-on family organisation involved in the management of all its commercial assets.

The group’s impressive portfolio of properties is owned entirely by the DiMauro Family & managed under the leadership of Nick DiMauro and his son Michael. This proud Adelaide based organisation operates from corporate offices located at Level 5 East, 50 Grenfell St Adelaide, SA 5000.

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